Just Launched: The Heirloom Seed Store

We're excited to announce the launch of a newly redesigned web site for the Heirloom Seed Store, a top seller of Franchi Seeds based right here in Half Moon Bay.

The seed store has been selling their heirloom varieties online for several years, but found their old Joomla-based online store to be difficult to update and customize. And it's design was starting to look dated in a world of Retina displays and vibrant full-screen images. Crucial Creative overhauled both the front-end and back-end to create a site that's as easy to use as it is to look at.

The new e-commerce site allows the Heirloom Seed Store to sell their products nationwide without ever leaving town, and maintaining the catalog has gotten a whole lot easier as well. E-commerce platforms often try to anticipate every conceivable use, but when you're not using all of those obscure features, they can just get in the way. We customized the back-end of the site to remove unused features: creating a product on the old site involved over 30 fields spread across 6 tabs; on the new site it's 7 essential fields on a single page. Simple is better. Additional functionality can be added in the future if needed, but it doesn't need to be cluttering up the interface in the meantime.

Of course it's a mobile-friendly responsive design, which we consider vital for every site these days, so mobile and tablet users can access the site with ease. Check out the new Heirloom Seed Store site when you have a chance, and pick up some old-world seeds to grow in your garden. Or if it's your online presence you're interested in growing, drop us a line.