Online Marketing in 2016—A Strong Brand is Key


We’ve compiled 4 articles that speak to the current tides of online marketing—an industry that changes literally every day—and strategies to get your business into the flow. But the bottom line is, start with your brand.

  • If your brand were a car or a grocery store, what would it be? (Are you Audi or Ford? Trader Joe's or Whole Foods?)
  • What are the personality attributes of your brand?
  • What does your brand care about?

These are questions that help define brand differentiation and core values—the answers to which, form niche and strategy. Voice, messaging, visual representation all play key roles when executed from a strong understanding of a brand’s position or role in the marketplace. Check out the articles below for more:

Great SEO Starts with Your Brand
“…strong brands tend to give off the relevancy and authority signals that Google likes…
Strong brand definition is key in targeting the right audience. Identifying core values and differentiators are essential exercises before attempting an online strategy. 

What You Need to Know About Brand Building vs. SEO
“Google's expansion of personalized search, as well as its elimination of thin content sites through the Panda updates, seems to indicate the company's preference for strong, well-defined brands.”
A recognizable brand is just as important as a group of industry key-words. Google takes brand recognition and brand integrity seriously.

A brand new game
“Not long ago social-media marketing was something that brand managers might ask their summer interns to deal with. Today it has become a pillar of the advertising industry.”
Social media marketing offers super-targeted messaging, and that’s something advertisers are still grappling with—creating strategies that are competitive in a sea of clickable media.

Five things great brands will do differently on social media in 2016
“However great your content is, if it doesn’t reach people it can’t possibly impact them.”
There’s no getting around social platforms, from Instagram to the burgeoning messaging app space, getting your brand into the mix will go far in reaching exposure.